Eagle (SSIU) Short Stay Isolation Unit for (Aii) Airborne Infectious Isolation is now available. This freestanding facility supports accommodations for both the Health Department and Staff Security needed to administer approved virus monitoring. The SSIU is equipped with bio resistant accommodations for short-term quarantine observation of both genders. Rooms are spacious and designed to meet the CDC, FGI hospital guidelines using ASHRAE 170 negative pressurized fresh air standards required for Aii and quarantine management.  This facility was developed for ICE at the Laredo TX. 

Standalone Design

ADA accomadations

Removeable stainless steel grills for cleaning 



Visual observation

without entry

Bag -in Bag-out Stainless steel hepa filter rack



Infared controlled plumbing fixtures

Soiled linen cleaning 

Anti-syphon vacuum  breaker

Staff accommodations with WiFi capacity into each room for monitoring audio, video and thermo thermo temperature.

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