Eagle (SSIU) Short Stay Isolation Unit for (Aii) Airborne Infectious Isolation is now available. This freestanding facility supports accommodations for both the Health Department and Staff Security needed to administer approved virus monitoring. The SSIU is equipped with bio resistant accommodations for short-term quarantine observation of both genders. Rooms are spacious and designed to meet the CDC, FGI hospital guidelines using ASHRAE 170 negative pressurized fresh air standards required for Aii and quarantine management.  This facility was developed for ICE at the Laredo TX. 

Standalone Design

ADA accomadations

Removeable stainless steel grills for cleaning 



Visual observation

without entry

Bag -in Bag-out Stainless steel hepa filter rack



Infared controlled plumbing fixtures

Soiled linen cleaning 

Anti-syphon vacuum  breaker

Staff accommodations with WiFi capacity into each room for monitoring audio, video and thermo thermo temperature.


Press Release from Eagle Companies,

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September 11th, 2020

  Eagle has teamed up with Peoria Specialty to offer a variety of FDA approved Virus test kits. For more information and direct purchasing contact:

Scott Wood, V. President

Peoria Specialty, Inc.

610 Abington St. Ste. I

Peoria, IL  61603

309.693.4459 Ext. 3 

309.339.1907 Cell




How the COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Test Works

   The One-Step SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) lgG and lgM Antibody Rapid Test is a lateral flow immunochromatographic assay.  This means that the test is easy to administer by a clinician, does not require a lab for processing, and can provide a positive, negative or invalid result. The POC test uses one drop of blood, two drops of buffer solution, with results within 15 minutes.  

Additional information can be found at the following website:  https://biotestingsupplies.com/

This test needs to be administered in a health care setting and is ideal for use in:

  • Employee testing

  • School safety

  • Hospital and Nursing Home patients and staff

  • Viral research

  • Detention centers


BioHit SARS-CoV-2 IgM/lgG Antibody Rapid Test Performance:

  • Sensitivity - 97.5%

  • Specificity - 99.5%

  • Accuracy  - 99.1%

According to the Yale study most currently available tests require complex laboratory settings; yet because 80% of all infected individuals may be asymptomatic, a reliable and easy-to-use diagnostic test is desirable for deployment among the general population. 

Review recent performance study completed at Yale University. 


The Benefits of Combined Testing

In a recent study, the utilization of 2 different testing modalities has demonstrated that by combining the results of IgM and RT-qPCR assays, the positive detection rate was significantly increased to 98.6% from 51.9% if one relied on a single RT-qPCR assessment only.


Why this Test?

  • IgM and IgG are antibodies that develop in the body to begin fighting the infection.  These antibodies show up in blood samples beginning day 5-14.

  • IgM means there is an immediate infection, and this person should continue to quarantine and not be around others as they could spread the virus.

  • As IgG antibodies increase, IgM will decrease.  IgG antibodies persist after an active infection and the acute phase has ended. 

  • Those that test negative for both antibodies are not in the acute stage of infection and have not developed immunity.  

  • Those with IgG (and no IgM) have developed immunity.  Repeated testing of these individuals will help promote a safe environment.  The individuals in the community will know their status and have a level of comfort knowing others around them have been tested and are negative.

  More than six million EUA-authorized Biohit test kits are in the pipeline today and ready to go out with delivery within just a few days. Help restore life back to normal in America.  Relieve anxiety and get peace of mind.


    Learn what Covid-19 test works best for you and your staff. In-stock, ready to ship! 



Pricing coming soon 
Pricing coming soon 
Pricing coming soon 

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