Eagle Companies installs first standalone (SSIU) Short Stay Isolation Unit for (Aii) Airborne Infectious Isolation facility. This 6-12 bed quarantine infirmary was designed to meet the FGI Hospital Guidelines and ASHRAE 170 standards required for isolation and quarantine management. This building incorporates all the current "State of the Art" staff protection and bio resistant surfaces required.  Each individual patient (Aii) room, anteroom and staff area can be monitored through cloud technology. 

Eagle Companies incorporates 30 years of manufacturing heavy-duty modular applications into the FGI designed quarantine/isolation facility. Current sizes range from 6-60 patients.

Other Eagle Products

Customer: Manitabo Infrastructure & Transport

Location: Milner Ridge Manitoba Canada

Square footage: 11,650 gross

Inmate count: 64 medium security

Details: Accommodate Native Indian traditions.

Customer: Decatur County Sheriff Department

Location: Greensburg, Indiana

Square footage: 3,840 gross

Inmate count: 48 total split into 2-24 inmate pods

Details: Overcrowding was running 200% over rated capacity.

Customer: Carter County Tennessee

Location: Johnson City, Tennessee

Square footage: 6,450 gross

Inmate count: 96 medium

Details: Fully occupied for 7 years. 

Customer: City of Pelham Georgia

Location: Pelham, Georgia

Square footage: 6,450 gross

Inmate count: 88 medium 

Details: Overflow from Fulton County (Atlanta)

Segragated Housing 

Sleeping pods are designed to meet lower count special needs housing from 4-8 beds per pod with private bathrooms. 


Cell Blocks

Wet cell blocks available in a single and double bunk. Along with full monitoring capacity of both audible and visual surveillance.

Dormitory Housing

Accommodates larger numbers for shorter periods of time. Adjoining day room offers the movement required along with access to exercise yards. 

Manufactured in the
United States of America





Willoughby Plumbing fixtures

Metcraft Plumbing Fixtures

Kenall Penal Light Fixtures

Southern Folger Adam Lock

Global Security Glazing

Nudo Secure Shield Panels

Johnsonite Rubber Flooring

Price Ventilation Grill

Sentry Hardware

Steward Steel Doors






Carter County Tennessee

Manitoba Canada

Pelham Georgia 

Cayman Islands 

Spacious open platform for ease and security of inmate movement

Central Control Room

Decatur County


“I’m super happy with how everything turned out,” Blodgett said. “With any big project like this, there’s always curveballs we have to work through and things we didn’t anticipate. For the most part, it’s been a very smooth process.”                                

 Installed in just a few days.

 Commissioned in less than 4 weeks from delivery 

 Public Phones

ADA plumbing 


Food tray


from the

security office 


  The Eagle Companies (EDS) Detention System offers the only field-tested and proven cost effective solution approved by Nationwide Department of Corrections and International Correction and Detentions institutions. The pre-engineered steel welded platform meets and exceeds the stringent requirements of County jails, State and Federal prisons and community detention facilities both Nationwide and International.

MIT Manitoba Canada
Cayman Islands
Pellham, Georgia
Carter County, Tennessee
U.K  Bermuda


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4214 Rome West Road 

Chillicothe, Il. 61523


Tel: 309-686-9054

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